Free Worksheets that makes implementation and documentation easy and fun

We created worksheets that will make the analytics implementation process and documentation easy and organized. These worksheets are free to use, and on each worksheet page, there are videos with an instructional guide on how to use them.


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GA4 Migration Sheet

This sheet will make easy and seamless the process of migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Campaign URL Builder

A free, easy and seamless way to build and manage UTM-tagged campaign URLs, all from Google Sheets.

GA4 & UA Data Comparison

After successful migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics - this sheet helps you measure data accuracy.

Piwik Pro URL Builder

If you are using Piwik Pro, you can use this sheet to build and seamless manage Piwik Pro-tagged campaign URLs.

UTM Builder (GA4 Friendly)

Free campaign URL builder and management worksheet with the new GA4 UTM parameters included.

Microsoft Clarity Sheet

Implementation documentation and getting value from Microsoft Clarity is easy with this free worksheet.

Ecommerce DataLayer Audit

Use this worksheet to identify Google Analytics 4 and UA e-commerce dataLayer implementation issues.

Piwik Pro Event + Conversion

It makes it fun and possible to document your Piwik Pro event and conversion tracking setups.

Piwik Pro Implementation

This worksheet makes it easy to document, plan, and implement your Piwik Pro Implementation.

GA Event Documentation

This worksheet makes it easy to document, plan, and implement your Universal Analytics & events.

Analytics Inventory Tool

Would you like to know what analytics script is running on your website? Yes, you can with this sheet.

GA4 Implementation

This worksheet makes it easy and seamless to plan, document, and manage your GA4 implementation.

Meta Pixel Implementation

Plan, document, and manage your Facebook pixel implementation with ease using this free worksheet.

Fullstory Implementation

Using this free worksheet, you can document, plan and manage your Fullstory analytics implementation.

Microsoft Clarity Audit

Perform a thorough assessment of your Microsoft Clarity implementation using this customizable health check worksheet.

Matomo URL Builder

Free worksheet that makes it easy to manage and build tagged Matomo campaign URLs for traffic tracking.

GA4 Audit Worksheet

Auditing your Google Analytics implementation can never be this easy with our GA4 audit worksheet.

Google Tag Manager Audit

Discover the health of your GTM container by seamlessly auditing your Google Tag Manager setup.

Keyword Wrapper

Using this tool, you can quickly generate keyword match types of your target keywords + simulate your search ads.

Meta CAPI Checklist

A simplified Meta Conversion API instrumentation checklist that helps with setting up FB CAPI the right way.

Microsoft Clarity Checklist

Access a Microsoft Clarity instrumentation checklist designed to guide you in setting up Clarity correctly.

Yandex Metrica Doc

Avoid an unorganized Yandex metrica implementation. Use this sheet to plan and document your process.

Hotjar Audit Worksheet

Run a health check on your Hotjar data and instrumentation using this customizable free worksheet.

Measurement Plan Doc

Use this worksheet to plan and map out your business analytics instrumentation and measurement plan.

Piwik Pro & UA Data Comparison

After successful migration from Universal Analytics to Piwik Pro, this sheet helps you measure data accuracy.

Piwik Pro & GA4 Data Comparison

After successfully implementing Piwik Pro, this sheet helps you compare your data with GA4 (though you shouldn't).

Google Analytics 4 X BigQuery Worksheet

This worksheet is a checklist, guide, and documentation space for linking GA4 with BigQuery.

GA Universal Analytics Doc

Avoid an unorganized GA implementation, use this Sheet to plan and document your implementation.

Piwik Pro Audit Worksheet

The audit worksheet helps to identify what you're doing wrong in your Piwik Pro implementation.

Google Analytics Audit

What does your Google Universal Analytics setup looks like, and how healthy is your data?

Pinterest CAPI Checklist

This detailed checklist includes everything needed for a complete and happy Pinterest Conversion API Implementation.

TikTok Events API Checklist

An easy-to-use TikTok Events API implementation checklist that ensures nothing gets skipped.

Marketing Pixel Audit

Audit your social media marketing pixel configuration (Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, etc.)

Hotjar Instrumentation Plan

An Hotjar instrumentation worksheet that makes it easy and fun to plan, document, and manage your setup.

Looker Studio Worksheet

How do you document what data sources to connect, metrics and dimensions to visualise, etc.?

Piwik Pro TMS Migration

This worksheet helps plan and stay organised when migrating tags from GTM to Piwik Pro TMS.

We are cooking something, more worksheets for you 👀😎.

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