FREE Matomo Campaign URL Builder Worksheet

If you’ve Matomo installed on your website and planning to create, organize and manage Campaign URLs in Matomo’s native way for tagging URLs, this worksheet is your best option to achieve this.


Matomo Campaign URL Builder Worksheet For Better Attribution in Matomo

If you are already using Matomo Analytics and Google Analytics isn’t installed on your website.

You can make it easy for Matomo Analytics to understand and better attribute conversions to your marketing campaigns by tagging your links with Matomo’s special parameters.

There are six parameters you can add to your URLs:

  • mtm_source
  • mtm_medium
  • mtm_campaign
  • mtm_cid
  • mtm_kwd
  • mtm_content
  • mtm_group
  • mtm_placement

You can read about it in their documentation here.

The worksheet makes team collaboration in link tagging seamless and helps in good documentation of your tagging effort.

Video on how to use the Worksheet

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