Free measurement tools & templates to power your tracking setups

We intend to launch FREE tools and measurement templates and will use this part of the website as a collection page for all our measurement recipes and analytics tools.

FREE Google Analytics (GA4) Audit Tool

Utilise our helpful Google Analytics (GA4) audit tool to detect any issues within your setup or analytics data. Investigate the root causes behind these issues by leveraging the insights the audit tool provides. Also, there is no limit to the number of GA4 properties you can audit using this tool.

Piwik Pro eCommerce Tracking Measurement Template

A reusable free tracking recipe that you can use to quickly and adequately set up e-commerce tracking in Piwik Pro using your existing Google Analytics 4 or UA e-commerce dataLayers.

FREE & Unlimited UTM Audit Tool

Use this FREE tool to conveniently and quickly audit your UTM campaign tracking in Google Analytics. This tool aids in identifying UTM-related errors and issues, including those concerning governance, strategy, and application. It is free to use and can also serve as a monitoring resource, enabling you to address UTM tracking errors or issues as they arise proactively.

Microsoft Clarity eCommerce + Purchase Tracking Template

Use the Google Tag Manager recipe to deploy Microsoft Clarity eCommerce and purchase tracking using “Smart Events” and “Custom Tags.” The template simplifies the implementation process and saves you time.

FREE Google Consent Mode Impact Estimator & Planning Tool

Utilise this tool to estimate the impact migrating to Google Consent Mode will have on your Google Analytics data. It also aids in determining your eligibility for GA4 Behavioral Modeling if you have transitioned to “Advanced Consent Mode.” You also get the ability to assess the effects of Google Consent Mode on your conversion rates and website traffic, leveraging your observed GA4 data for analysis.

Privacy Template: Utilizing Piwik Pro Consent Manager with Google Consent Mode or Manual Blocking in Google Tag Manager

If you’re using Piwik Pro Consent Form, you can be compliant with deploying Google and non-Google tags in Google Tag Manager, either by using Google Consent Mode or manual tag blocking. Consent Mode V2 is now also supported with this template.

Microsoft eCommerce Piwik Pro Tag Manager Measurement Template

FREE Microsoft Clarity eCommerce tracking template for Piwik Pro tag manager. The templates make it easy to implement Clarity Pixel, custom user-id tracking, integrate Piwik Pro and Microsoft Clarity, and custom tag application to power your segmentation.

Microsoft Clarity eCommerce Google Tag Manager Tracking Template

Use Google Tag Manager to deploy Microsoft Clarity tracking setup for your eCommerce store quickly. The template simplifies the implementation process of Clarity Pixel and custom user-id tracking. The template also enables custom tags that will help enhance your segmentation analysis.

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