Privacy Template: Utilizing Piwik Pro CMP With Google Consent Mode, or Manual Blocking In GTM

Easy to use privacy template that unlocks the possibility of using Piwik Pro Consent Form to ensure privacy compliance in tags deployment in Google Tag Manager.

These free sets of templates make it seamless to manage the triggering of Google tags and other marketing tags in Google Tag Manager through Google Consent Mode (V2 Inclusive) or manual tag blocking.

📢 Consent Mode V2 Supported

Use The Piwik Consent Manager Module To Manage Tags Deployment In Google Tag Manager

📢 The consent mode template now supports V2.

Download & Import The Piwik Template

Note that any import to the Piwik Pro tag manager will overwrite whatever tags, triggers, and variables currently resides in your tag manager. Therefore, we recommend doing this import in a test container. After the import, if you like, based on your preference, you can make changes here, like modifying the cookie expiration period, name, value, dataLayer structure, etc.

Download and Import The GTM Template

The approach you choose to address tag complaints in Google Tag Manager will depend on whether you prefer to download the GTM template that employs Google Consent Mode or manually block tags based on consent preferences using exception triggers.

Update and Customize The Google Tag Manager Container Content

The only crucial modification you should make to the GTM update is substituting the value in the user-defined variable "**IMP - UPDATE - Constant - Piwik Pro Site lD" with your actual Piwik Pro site ID. To keep the naming convention the same with your organization's structure, you can modify the names of the tags, triggers and variables.

Debug, Test and Publish

As usual, you should test, debug and publish if everything looks good. How fast was it?

Getting Familiar With the Setup

If you're interested in a detailed understanding of how this setup was implemented, you can refer to our blog post, which provides a step-by-step guide on achieving the same setup as in the template.

Access & Download More Measurement Templates

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