Plug 'n' Play free Looker Studio templates for better reporting

We developed dashboard templates that you can use in Google Data Studio to build reports quicker. These dashboards are plug ‘n’ play, meaning you can use them without having to do much customization. Each dashboard template page has a video with an instructional guide. (watch out for Power Bi and Tableau templates too)


Data Studio Templates

v2 GA4 404 Error Monitoring Dashboard

Data studio template which helps to monitor 404 errors and also stay proactive with managing it, using GA4 data.

GA4 - 404 Error Monitoring Dashboard

A data studio template that will make it easy and seamless to monitor errors using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data.

GA4 - Redirection Monitoring Dashboard

After a website redirection, how do you measure traffic and conversions pulse before and after the redirection?

Google Analytics (GA4) Audit Tool

FREE GA4 audit tool built within Looker Studio, designed to assist you in identifying issues, areas to improve, etc.

GA4 - Landing Page Snapshot Report

With this data studio template, you can quickly get meaningful insights about a particular landing page using GA4 data.

GA4 - File Download Event Report

Use this Looker Studio dashboard to get actionable insights about the file download events happening on your website.

Big Query Source + GA4 - File Download Event Report

If you've connected GA4 to Big Query, use this Looker Studio dashboard and the SQL query to get insights on file downloads.

GA UA - 404 Error Monitoring Dashboard

Data studio template that makes it easy and seamless to monitor 404 errors using Google's Universal data.

GA4 - 404 Error Management Dashboard

You can easily and seamlessly monitor and manage errors using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data.

Consent Mode Impact Report

Use this tool to assess the potential impact that migrating to Google Consent Mode will have on your Google Analytics data.

FREE UTM Audit Tool

This Looker Studio report will help you in efficiently and rapidly auditing your UTM campaign tracking in Google Analytics.

GA4 File Download Report V2

Version 2 is a file download report for GA4 properties where file download event parameters are not a registered dimension.

GA4 Audience Persona Dashboard

What do you know about your website users? Quickly get your website audience persona using GA4 data.

GA4 - Content Perfomance Dashboard

Use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data and Looker Studio to understand how your website content + pages are performing.

YouTube Analytics Data Studio Dashboard

Data studio template that gives you meaningful insights into your YouTube channel performance.

Piwik Pro Looker Studio Dashboard

Connect your Piwik Pro data and visualize it in less than 1 hour using this Piwik Pro Looker Studio template.

GA4 - eCommerce & Product Performance Report

Understand your store and product performance using Google Analytics. (..) and Data Studio.

Piwik Pro eCommerce Dashboard

You can visualise your data using this template if you've enabled and implemented eCommerce tracking in PiwikPro analytics.

We are cooking something, more templates for you 👀😎.

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