FREE GA4 File Download Event Analysis Using Looker Studio Dashboard

If you’ve embedded downloadable files on your website, this intuitive GA4 Looker Studio file download dashboard template will help you with granular insights on user behaviour regarding file downloads. To use this dashboard and the native GA4 connector, you’ll need to register all file_download event parameters, or you can use the Big Query version of this dashboard.


Actionable Insights About File Download Events Happening On The Website.

If you’re tracking file downloads in your Google Analytics (GA4) property, you can use this dashboard to get the insights you need on download trends and patterns.

This dashboard template uses the GA4 Looker Studio native connector, which means the standard file download event name is required, and you’ll have to register the file download event parameters.

Alternatively, you can use this dashboard’s Big Query version and copy the SQL query included in the dashboard page.

Video on how to use the Dashboard

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