Free resources for you to power your measurement goals

Plug ‘n’ play analytics resources are created to make life easier and better for you when doing implementations, building dashboards, and documenting processes. These analytics resources are free to use.

GTM Event Listeners

45+ event listeners of different marketing stacks you are using, live chats, pop-ups, forms, videos, scheduling apps, etc. These event listeners will help you enhance your marketing data.

Data Studio resources

Plug ‘n’ play data studio templates that make the process of setting up Google Data studio dashboard fun and easy. These insights help get the data you need quicker and easier.

Implementation Worksheets

Organize your analytics implementation programme using these free worksheets designed to make life easier when documenting and managing your Implementation across different measurement stacks.

Tools & Measurement Templates

We’ve created FREE measurement templates to get you up and running when tracking conversions and user actions on the website. In this section, we’ll also publish our FREE analytics tools when it’s ready.

We've simplified the technicalities of analytics for you 😎 .