FREE GA4 UTM Audit Tool

Quickly Audit Your UTM Campaign Tracking In Google Analytics For Governance and Strategy Issues

This tool automatically uses your Google Analytics (GA4) data to generate a UTM campaign usage audit report. It offers valuable insights, enabling you to pinpoint issues with how you are using UTM parameters to track campaign performance in Google Analytics. With this tool, you can determine the good and bad approaches to using UTMs in your measurement strategy, removing the need to spend countless hours navigating the GA4 interface.

🛠️ Quick use your Google Analytics data to identify UTM tracking issues.

In 3 Steps, You Can Audit How You're UTM Tagging Your Marketing Effort In GA4

Navigate to the UTM Auditor

Sign up to access the GA4 UTM auditing tool interface; it takes less than 2 minutes.

Make Configuration Changes

This step takes less than a minute. Here, you select the GA4 property data you want to use and your preferred date range.

Explore The Generated Audit Reports

Subsequently, you can access the report pages of the GA4 UTM auditor tool, to identify governance and strategy issues in your UTM tagging approach.

Here is how the UTM audit tool can help you

Identify UTM tagging governance & strategy issues in your GA4 using this tool.
Get a quick summary of how you use UTMs to track campaign performance post-click.
Quickly discover UTM tagging errors you might be making.
See the relationship between the different UTM parameters in a tree structure.
Use UTMs to identify your acquisition marketing efforts that land website visitors on 404s
Get an overview and detailed report of the paid campaigns generating suspicious bot or spam traffic.

UTM Campaign Tracking in GA4 FAQs

Yes, the UTM audit too is FREE and it relies on your Google Analytics property data.

Yes, new possibilities and interface enhancement will continue to get added in the tool.

Absolutely not. We do not have access to your GA4 property data. Our capability is limited to measuring the usage of our audit tool.

Certainly, the tool is secure for use. The audit tool lives on Looker Studio, so you should be reassured that your data is safe and secured.

There is no paid or premium plan, and there is no plans to introduce a paid subscription in the future.

The GA4 UTM Audit audit tool is freely accessible because we’ve established the foundation of the DumbData resource hub on delivering valuable free measurement resources that incur zero costs to you as a user. However, you can reach out to identify ways to support our cause.

You can also check out our free GA4 audit tool.

If this occurs upon accessing the report, it’s likely due to the GA4 API quota coming into effect, as numerous people are accessing the audit tool through the sample GA4 data source. If this issue arises with your specific data source, it indicates that you have exceeded your token, and the API quota limit has kicked in.

Certainly, feel free to contact the DumbData team ( if you have any inquiries, ideas, feedback, or testimonials regarding the GA4 audit tool.

No, we do not have a dedicated team to offer support services to help maximise the usage of the audit tool’s full potential. However if do you need analytics help reach out to

Presently, the GA4 audit tool exclusively supports the English language. However, there are intentions to extend support to other languages. This will be prioritised based on demand, explicitly considering the tool’s most prevalent browser language besides English.

You can drop your email on analytics[at]

Yes, in the Dumbdata measurement resource hub, we have a Google Analytics (GA4) audit tool that you can use to audit your analytics property for FREE.

Audit Your UTMs For Governance and Strategy Issues

The insight you’ll uncover with the UTM audit tool will help you use UTMs better for campaign tracking in Google Analytics (GA4).

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