FREE Lite Google Analytics (GA4) Audit Tool Using Looker Studio

You can easily and quickly identify issues, areas to improve, and what you are doing right in your Google Analytics implementation using the data in your analytics property. This GA4 audit is FREE to use, and there are no limits to the number of GA4 properties you can audit with this tool that we’ve built in Looker Studio.


Identify The Health of Your Google Analytics Property and Data Using This GA4 Audit Tool

If you’ve implemented Google Analytics on your website, and you would like the health of your analytics property, and if you are collecting quality data, then our GA4 audit tool can help answer some of your data and implementation integrity questions.

Plus, the Google Analytics tool provides a head start to investigate some of the issues you’ve identified without looking inside GA4.

The audit tool is free to use; it’s built within Looker Studio, and you can audit unlimited Google Analytics properties provided you can access them.

Video on how to use the Dashboard

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You can access this Dashboard for free

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