FREE Piwik Pro & GA4 Data Comparison Worksheet

GA4 and Piwik Pro use different measurement models. Still, suppose you ever need to compare data collected from both platforms without dedicating many hours to building a comparison dashboard. Then, you can use this FREE Piwik Pro analytics and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data comparison worksheet.


Piwik Pro & GA4 Data Comparison Worksheet To Compare Data From Piwik Pro Analytics and Google Analytics 4

The spreadsheet makes it possible to compare Piwik Pro and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data without setting up a dashboard to do this.

The data comparison spreadsheet has four tabs. The first tab is for housekeeping, and the second tab, the “comparison” tab, is where the comparison happens. The other two tabs, “Data Pull (Piwik Pro)” and “Data Pull (GA4)”, is used for pulling and transforming data for each platform.

To pull Piwik Pro data into a spreadsheet, you can use their official Google Sheet data connector or paid connector like Supermetrics.

Here is a guide on how to use their official connector.

GA4 and Piwik Pro use different data models; comparing their data will be like comparing apples to oranges and won’t be recommended, but that worksheet can still help you achieve your aim.

Video on how to use the Worksheet

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You can access this Worksheet for free

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