🚀 Our first post

Hey, this is our first post, and it’s not something interesting 🥶 we launched DumbData, a free analytics resource hub for technical and measurement marketers.

We intend to use the blog to inspire you, with amazing things we are doing with analytics (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Piwik Pro, Google Optimize, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Fullstory, Microsoft Clarity, Yandex Metrica, Facebook Pixel, etc.)

We have a lot of articles that we are looking at publishing, and we’ll be doing this one step at a time.

You are guaranteed that these articles will be helpful, short, precise and sweet (not your regular candy 🤔).

The articles we’ll publish will be centred around data collection, analytics governance and analysis.

If you want to stay in the loop and get notified when we drop these candies (lol 😆), then don’t subscribe to our newsletter, keep visiting our website every day (really), come on who likes that stress?.

We know you don’t, so sign up to our Bi-weekly newsletter (Just that, there are some months we don’t send out any email)

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